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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The coming home / leaving again party

One more entry before we leave …

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it to the party, it was really good to see you all, just a little bit on the chilly side! Congratulations to all the campers, it was quite amazing we didn't find the following morning that you'd all migrated to find a warmer spot on the lounge floor - it was so cold out there!
Much was drunk and a little was eaten as well (can't believe I missed out on a pork roll – rumour is that they were good!) - we have been living off leftover quiche and various cakes and biscuits since then!

I think (hope) it was successful… we really appreciated the effort everyone made to come, so thanks again! Actually we are having trouble remembering who we talked to all evening as it feels as though we didn't speak to anyone at all!

Things didn't look too bad the next morning - by about 9am we had cleared most of the rubbish away and everyone was feeling better after bacon butties and cups of tea and coffee to help them on their various journeys home :-)

Beginning to feel slightly apprehensive in the lead-up to our flight to Washington on Friday. We intend to do our packing on Wednesday and Thursday - got to figure out who is going to carry the mountains of various drugs that Rob insisted on buying (Boots made a fortune out of us) and whether I should pack my (very light and compact) travel hairdryer that Emma kindly gave me as a present at the party... 'rude not to' is my feeling on this matter!

So, til the next time…


Monday, September 05, 2005

Prologue - Part 2


Well we have finally finished painting our flat white and finished our last Monday at work - wow!! So that's 3 proper days of work left to go (the last day doesn't really count, does it?) and after that we can start planning our trip properly. So far we haven't really done much in the way of arranging things as we've been too busy with the move, but that doesn't matter - this way we have to be more spontaneous.

I have been reading up on what to pack again... this will be my biggest challenge yet, I'm sure!