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Monday, April 10, 2006

Australian Culture

It is only when we fail to blog for a wee while, that we realise how much we get up to in our layabout lives. So I'll endeavour to keep this brief and explain a little of the Australian culture that we have been experiencing over the last few weeks.

First stop is Ramsay Street which we visited when we were in Melbourne. All very cheesey and no spottings of Jellybelly which was a shame. It was, and hopefully will remain, the most touristy thing we have done so far.

It was great to meet up with some familiar faces in Melbourne. My cake eating marathon on my birthday was interupted when we met up with Steve, Sinead, Andy and Nicky for a midday curry and beer. Also met up with my Great Aunt Jennie (and stayed with her nephew Peter (thanks!)) and we now begin meeting up with various long lost friends and relatives as we head north, which we are both looking forward to. In all honesty, Australia is a place full of 18 year old, pottymouthed drunken English backpackers and staying at hostels all the time we find we don't have all that much in common with them. This makes me sound like a grumpy old man I know, but compared to Central America which was pretty much free of young, wet-behind-the-ears gap-yearers, it can get a bit tedious. So its great to meet up and stay with some locals to get away from the backpacker circuit for a while.

We drove the Great Ocean Road which was stunning. Stopped every mile of it to take in the breathtaking views and watch coachloads of Japanese taking pictures of each other in front of each view. If I ever get invited to a slide show of a Japanese person's holiday snaps, I will politely decline.

Then it was onwards to Sydney after an 8 hour stop in Canberra which wasn't as dull as Bryson makes it out to be. Sydney was cool. The cultural highlight here was the Kylie exhibition at the Powerhouse museum, featuring the famous gold pants. After that, the classical concert at the Sydney Opera House struggled to compete. We stayed with Emma (Amanda's uncle's ex-babysitter) which we thoroughly enjoyed, and she kindly took us to 'Summer Bay'. Again, no sign of Don or Sally, but it was most pleasant. In fact every beach in Oz is fantastic.

We have also been dolphin spotting and sandboarding on some huge sand dunes in Port Stephens. Unfortunately, the amount of sand now contained in my camera from this has meant a premature death for the poor chap. Got some top photos though. I think. Stayed at a top hostel whose owner had a pet python. Look out for the photos soon, but I can say that I was a real man and touched the thing. Ooooh. I didn't use the thing as a scarf as Amanda did though. She is a realer man I guess.

Then to a Koala Hospital where most of the patients were suffering from a disease known as 'wet bottom'. Made me chuckle. They were all very cute and cuddly though.

Next stop, Byron Bay to get battered by some huge waves. I am still getting sand and sea water out of my ears from that experience.

So that is where we are. Five more weeks and then its off to Asia for the final leg of the tour. Off now to play some didgeridoo and eat some Kangaroo Pie.



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Is there some significance in the fact that the adverts on your blog are for Weightwatchers - I'm told the adverts are chosen to suit the bloggers!

11 April, 2006 19:48


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